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Price Guidelines
(All prices are in USD)

Hair Stick........$20
Hair Flower.....$32
Ribbon bookmark.....(example). $36

18 Creative things to do with charms and pendants
All add-ons
Contact me for wholesale pricing. (retail stores only)

This is a general guideline for an average piece of jewelry. More complicated pieces will be more expensive. I'd be happy to give you a price quote. Just send me an email through my contact form.

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Gem Colors
Tiny gems = 15 cm
Reg. gems = 20 cm
Big gems = 30 cm

Tiny peach
Tiny clear
Tiny red
Tiny iridescent
Dark Purple
Leaf, Flame
Tiny frosted lt. blue
Tiny med. blue
Medium Purple
Frosted dark blue
Faint purple
Dark red
Frosted greeen
Golden yellow
Frosted clear
Dark blue
Medium blue
Light blue
Shimmer frosted
Big clear
Medium green
Light green

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Wire Colors

Copper wire (sturdy 20ga)
This is the wire I usually use as a backbone and/or when it has to stand on its own.
(Either silvered, enameled, clear tarnish-resistant-coated, or golden "jeweler's bronze", which is part zinc)

Copper wire (wispy 26ga)
Basically thread made out of wire. I usually wind it around an-almost finished piece to make it more interesting. I also use it on beads that won't fit around thicker wire.
(Either silvered, enameled, clear tarnish-resistant-coated, or golden "jeweler's bronze", which is part zinc)

Aluminum wire (20ga)
Not as sturdy as copper. Used for detail work that's less subtle than wispy copper.
(Enameled or bare...but when aluminum oxidizes it doesn't change color.)

Uncoated wire
Forms a lovely antiqued patina (a word that basically means "tarnish you actually want")
Can also be hammered
(16ga copper, 20ga copper and brass, 24ga copper)

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No additional cost to add a few to any design!
(Except for a special few that specify otherwise)
Size guidelines: Each compartment is 1.5 inches wide

Row 1: Green agate, Purple dyed cultured freshwater pearls, Replica zinc-pewter Qing Dynasty coin, Metal leaves, Iolite, Amethyst
Row 2: Brecciated jasper, Dragon's blood jasper, Czech fire-polished glass, Cat's eye glass (green and purple), dyed stone chips
Row 3: Swarovski pearls (white, black, pink, dark teal), bells, Cat's eye glass

Row 1: Spongy coral chips, Lapis Lazuli chips
Row 2: Dyed mother-of-pearl talons, Acrylic tube beads, zinc washers, Serpentine, Autumn jasper
Row 3: Glass seed beads, Marble, Dyed wooden beads

Row 1: Glass chips, imitation cinnabar (with dragon carving), snowflake gems
Row 2: Imitation blue lace agate, Quartz chips, Brushed aluminum chainmail scales, metal tags
Row 3: Assorted gemstone beads, cat's eye glass, assorted Swarovski crystals
(Not free: blue lace agate, gemstone beads, Swarovski crystals)

Row 1: Acrylic wood grain beads
Row 2: Flower beads, acrylic leaves, teardrop quartz beads
Row 3: Shh! Secret project!

Not pictured: Resistors, teeny black seed beads
Gallery of other components

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Earring Hooks
(No additional cost for any of these)

-24kt gold plated
-Sterling silver plated
-Stainless Steel
-Antiqued brass
-Antiqued copper colored

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Types of Ribbon
No charge for adding these as a pendant cord:

Thin ribbon:White, light blue, pink, ivory, black, navy, sage green, brown, purple, lavender, lilac, dark red

Sheer ribbon: White, Spring green, Pink, Gold, Black

Size comparison of thin ribbon vs. sheer ribbon:

Special ribbon:Woven silver, elastic gold, elastic silver Thin hemp with copper thread, thicker plain hemp
(Silver/gold/copper refers to colors not precious metals!)

Half sheer blue, thin sheer aqua, purple cord

+$2 Dyed deerskin leather cord

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