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Sneak previews, behind-the-scenes photos, and Free Stock Photo Friday!

(I post backgrounds from my jewelry photos. You're free to use them in photo-manipulations or as a weekly inspirational prompt.)

DeviantART Profile
This is currently where I post all of my jewelry photos (150+) and host my biggest monthly contests. It was the first online home of my art, so it's one of my biggest profiles. Feel free to drop by and chat!

Twitter Profile
Here's where I'm most off-topic and personal. I share neat jewelry projects along with funny anecdotes, cool stuff I find, and technologial frustrations.

Oh, and if you retweet me or @reply, I'll follow you!

Tumblr Blog

I post wip sketches, jewelry collages, and anything I think people might like to share. I also reblog anything that brings imagination and beautiful shapes and colors to my dashboard. (The queue is set for 1/day.)

Youtube Channel
Stay tuned for photo slideshows and especially jewelry demos.

Model Mayhem Profile
In which I show off a few action shots of people wearing my jewelry and attempt to arrange even more.

Pandora Station
A carefully-tended selection of moods that best represent my jewelry style.

A small snapshot:
-Modern piano solos
-Epic soundtracks
-Blackmore's Night
-Ellie Goulding: Lights
-(And way too many versions of Pachelbel's Canon. I really need to stop thumbing those up...)
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