Sorceress Council Welcome and Mission Statement

So I’m a jewelry artist. Not a lot of blog topics that I don’t already talk about.

-My inspiration? I share that when I post new jewelry to DeviantART.
-Behind the scenes photos and stories? Those go on Facebook.
-Unrelated snippets from real life?  I’m on Twitter too.
-Detailed tutorials on making jewelry and running a business? Not very interesting unless you’re another jewelry artist.

So I decided to step out of the spotlight just a little bit. This blog is for discussions!

Once a week–let’s say on Thursday nights–I’ll post a topic, talk a little bit about it, and then step back to let conversations happen. Topics will be similar to my many inspirations for making jewelry, and what (I hope) everyone else is interested in too:

-Geek culture

It’s not Thursday yet, but why wait? I’ll leave this up as a permanant suggestion box. 

What topics do you want to see?
Should I post at a different time than Thursday night?
Anything else?

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