July/August Contest: Collaborate with another artist

Welcome to my blog, the future home of my monthly contests. Hosting my contests here has two distinct advantages:

1. You can enter even if you don’t have a DeviantART account.
2. I can feature entries on this page directly. (Unlike DeviantART, WordPress lets me add images to my posts without buying a membership!)

July’s Contest: (Extended through August)

Work with another artist to make art from two different mediums, inspired by my jewelry. Both artists of the winning entry will win these puzzle piece friendship necklaces.  


All entries win free US shipping until October. ($5 off international shipping.)

1. Both of you must be subscribers of my newsletter. At least one of you must be a new subscriber.
(What’s in the newsletter and what are the perks of subscribing?)

 2. Work together to make a piece of art inspired by my jewelry style, each contributing a different art medium.


writing, poetry / illustration
lineart / adding colors
beads, focals / jewelry
handmade paper / drawing, painting
photos / photomanipulation
physical art / Photography of art

3. Each of you, post a photo of the part you contributed to one of the following places 

  • DeviantART
  • instagram
  • imgur

 4. If possible, link to this page and any jewelry pieces you were inspired by.

5. Each of you, message me on that site with your contribution.

General rules

  • Keep it G-rated
  • Contest ends September 1
  • I get permission to copy/paste every entry onto my computer and use them to promote my jewelry for as long and as often as I want. (I won’t change anything or sell your work directly. If I use your work at all, I will link to you on my website.)

Rules for entering more than once:

  • Each entry must have at least one new subscriber.
  • Someone can only count as “the new subscriber” for one entry.
  • Someone can only contribute to three entries.

Suggestions for finding someone to work with:

  • What kinds of art do you like to make?
  • What kinds of art can you make your art out of?
  • What artists can make their art out of your art?

 Feel free to add questions and comments.

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