Unconventional Fans 1: Fandom and the Imminent Unknown

I was on Netflix yesterday, and saw that Sherlock (BBC) was still on my instant queue…which of course gave me a strong pang of  “Geez I miss this show–hurry up and film season 3 already!”

After thinking about it for a while, I thought of all the shows/books/games/etc. I’m currently most interested in (Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Hobbit, Dragon Age) and then I realized that what they all have in common is that I haven’t experienced the end of the story yet.

Stories I like just as much but have “finished” already  (such as Firefly and Deep Space 9) just can’t seem to capture my imagination as vividly as they used to.

Is this because “ongoing” stories are more fresh in my mind? Or is it because a corner of my mind is just desperate to know what happens? Am I not really affected by either, but since the rest of the online community is, I’m more drawn to active fandoms?

What are your experiences watching/reading/playing the end of a favorite story? What happens when you become less interested in a favorite story? 

Do those questions answer each other?

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