Unconventional Fans 3: Cliff Notes Fandom

This is my third post in what has become a series about non-traditional ways of participating in fandoms.

Do you have to read/watch all of a series to call yourself a fan?

Very few people who like the Avengers have actually read all the comic books. Not many Doctor Who fans have seen all 26 seasons of the classic series. Do you know any Skyrim fans who have played Elder Scrolls #1?

But fans get less of a break when the fandom has a smaller time investment.

I usually have to read/watch a story to completion, but here are some exceptions (besides Avengers and Doctor Who of course

Stopped midway:
-Naruto (Gave up when it refused to end)
-Dune (Does it count that that I read everything by the author, but not any of the later books?)
-Ender’s Game (I finished reading Bean’s series, but not Ender’s)

Started midway:
-Doctor Who (I started with the new series, but I actually recommend people with only a casual interest start at season 5. It’s a good introduction, and you’ll catch up sooner.)
-Blade (I started with the third one first and still haven’t seen them all yet.)


What about you? Did you start watching Star Wars with the prequel trilogy? Did you only play Mass Effect 3? Share your unconventional fandom experiences in the comments.

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