Taking action against convention harassment

Author, John Scalzi, recently posted his new policy on attending conventions: If they don’t have a clear anti-harassment policy, he won’t be going! (Anyone can co-sign it here.)

An acceptable policy includes:

  • A clear definition of unacceptable behavior
  • Where to find convention staff who will help you
  • Making the policy obvious via the website, program, flyers, or opening events. (Preferably all of the above)

I was happy to  co-sign it!

As a fantasy jewelry artist, I will, as early as this fall, be looking to sell my jewelry at at as many conventions as I can reasonably attend.

But it’s immature and unacceptable for a convention to sell out victims to keep their customers happy. Also, as a 24-year-old woman, I’m not enthusiastic about trapping myself behind a table for a weekend unless the convention will assure me I’ll be reasonably safe from people bothering me.

That’s not the end of it, though. This will be my personal approach when a convention’s policy is unacceptable:

  • When I approach a convention about becoming a dealer, I will absolutely commit to having a jewelry showing on that weekend in that town.
  • If the convention policies aren’t acceptable enough for me to attend, I will instead have my showing at library, community center, women’s shelter, or similar organization committed to making the world a safer, more respectful place. (With a percentage of sales donated to the organization.)
  • Promotional materials and press releases for this alternate event will highlight the convention’s poor approach to keeping guests safe.

Personal experiences:
(Every convention I consider attending, and the state of their policies.)

-Dragon Con:  Bright shiny new anti-harassment policy this year!


Do you go to conventions? Is the statement something you would co-sign? Why or why not?
(Disrespectful comments will be deleted, and I reserve the right to do the same toward debating that gets too intense.)


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